Paste Modernism 3 in 2011 at Cockatoo Island

Paste Modernism 3 in 2011 at Cockatoo Island

Paste Modernism 2015
On Friday November 27th Australia's largest Paste-Up event will be returning for its fourth incarnation at Ambush Gallery in Sydney. Curated by Ben Frost, the exhibition will feature the wheat-pasted paper creations of over 500 artists from around the world.  Artists submissions will be applied to every square inch of the walls of the gallery to create a multi-layered explosion of colour, imagery and social/political explorations.

What is a Paste-Up?
The ‘Paste-Up’ is an ever-expanding and innovative form of street art, that involves an artist making their work onto varying sizes of paper and then applying it to walls and surfaces within their urban environment using wheat-paste or wallpaper glue. Whether as black and white multiplied photocopies, colourful hand painted murals or thought provoking text pieces, the ‘Paste-Up’ is an immediate and bold contemporary art-form.
The medium explores not only aesthetic values, but is often politically and socially motivated – which allows experimentation both by accomplished artists as well as people with little or no artistic training. With all other street art genres, a hierarchy is in place based usually on the skill and years of training and practice of each artist (aerosol-can control/complexity of a stencil etc). Most ‘Paste-Up’ artists also have years of experience, creating intricate and well-planned artworks – however anybody right now, could find a photograph or jpeg that resonates with them, take it to a digital printer and with relatively little expense, print it out in wallpaper width paper sheets and put it up on the streets.

ABOVE: Flyer from Paste Modernism 1 back in 2008

The first Paste Modernism was in 2008 and was held in an abandoned 5-storey stairwell of Hibernian House in Surry Hills Sydney.  At the time we were noticing a lot of Paste Ups being put up around Sydney, and understood it to be a rising new genre of street art to rival stencils and murals.  An open call was put out mostly via word of mouth amongst the Paste up community, to arrive at the stairwell on Aug 30th to adhere to the walls their paper creations in any way they liked.  Around 25 artists participated in this 'secret' exhibiton and we gathered on the top floor of the stairwell that night to meet each other, discuss our artworks and celebrate the beginning of something new.

ABOVE: Flyer for Paste Modernism 2

Paste Modernism 2 was held at the Lo-Fi project space above Kinsella's on Taylor Square in 2010.  Over 150 artists participated from around the world in a huge 800 square meter space.  The panels were auctioned for charity and over $8000 was raised and donated to the Queensland flood victims.  In this exhibition we realised that we could take digital submissions from artists overseas and print their work locally and paste them within the show - to make Paste Modernism a truly global participation.

ABOVE: Flyer for Paste Modernism 3

Paste Modernism 3 was a part of the Outpost street art festival on Cockatoo Island in 2011.  The event had submissions from over 300 Australian and international artists and was installed over a 1 week period. In his event we came to understand that the genre of 'Paste-Ups' and Paste Modernism was becoming an increasingly ínclusive and 'democratic' process - such that anyone could be involved - even people who weren't visual artists.  Not only could we take submissions from anywhere in the world (both digitally and physically) but people of any age group - including children.

The artist list for PM3 IN 2011:
Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Copyright, Dan Baldwin, Jeremyville, Nathan James, Ben Frost, Anthony Lister, Psalm, Mega, Heesco, Drab, Vexta, Esjay, Bei Badgirl, STABS, Jumbo, Zap, Kid Zoom, Chris Cunningham, Mats?!, James Dodd, Shannon Crees, Smc[3], HA HA, Benois, Urban Cake Lady, Ken Taylor, Bridge Stehli, Rone, Numskull, Yok, Miss KK, Cloud Commission, 1337, Makatron, Wolves & Owls, Birdhat, Max Berry, Golden Silver, Asio, Skallywag, Rosie Apps, Ape Seven, 7U?, Dr.X, Vars One, Megalo,  AM, Dstruct, Flutter Lyon, The Mong, Hazzy Bee, Akisiew, Baby Geurilla, Jess Higgins, Mr. Sweet, Ghstie, Olive 47, Trystan Bates,  Boots, Donovan Christie, Tad, No Frills Art, Abyss .607,  Th@anks, Mister Edwards, Fukt, JHamilton, Donnie Danger, PigeonBoy, Crisis, Mr Skel, Braddock, Skel, Teem, Jason Mamarella, Emya, Bennett, Damion Silver, Mr. Sweet, Wounded Children, John Forno, Bjorn Vanderborght, Mod77, Barek, Benjamin Reeve, Lostrack, Brett Chan, Asha Rowe, Emily hasselhoof, Clag Bandits, YMT, Kirbee Lawler, Thomas Thorby-Lister, th-INK, Resan, The Dirt, KonsumTerra, Vinzenz Reinecke, Lukasz Karluk, Swerfk, Andros, Houl, Rebecca Murphy, Tez, Scott Franks, IniqueInique, Qwux, S-701a,  Felix, Fintan Magee, Doni Paul, OKO,  Tomahawk, West, Lady Bna-Nas,  Kirst Ohh, Ms. Brown, Bunkwaa, Sam Evans, Bathcat, Lauren Vassallo, SeaweiD, Graham Wilson, Stylo, Tim Andrew, Aisha, Fletch, Blomtrog, Ox, Kaff-eine, Mis Adda, Nathalia Azuero, Joel Lambeth, Donovan Christie, Flx, Ankles, Xcopy, Ruffo, Keeey Pace, Sancho, Mike Francis, Mica Still, Simon Lovelace, Chris Petro, Phi, Toggles,  Ali3n,  Sebastion Toast, Dboe, Jessica Lahoud, Shida, Bijoux, Lazarus 0.1, Saffaa, Hamishi, Phoenix, Zen, Baako, Neil Collyer, Terrible Horrible, RJ, Nick Simpson, Klara, Murfy James, Mimi, I & The Others, E.G.H.A.D, David Whirlpool, Rod Bunter, Bhats, Claire Kurzmann, Michele Guidarini, Dean Sunshine, Codel, Mk Chilby, Alison Alder, Crux Godsend,  Ishi, Jyiro, Seth Tarrant, Keiron McMaster, Oliver Heath, Jodee Knowles, Mama Gunns, Naomi Lou Lou, Brad Robson, Mr French, Fezwitch, Ben Foster, Jeremy Austin, Eamonn Doran, Tdub, Zoe Weber, Nina Gibbes, Ghostess, Ruskidd, Tom Lukacs, Urban Monk, Jason Ditch, Dilute, CDH, Kara Nikkel, Newcastle Productions, Umpel, Phaux, Cooper Lawler, Facter, The Havoc Plan, Awol Monk, Jacquie Manning, areaRED, edgarR, Diamondxdaggers, Sevens, Anto Christ, Badger, Timbo400, Nick Boerma, Isabella Smith, Kieran Mangan, Godot, Timlikestodraw, KON, Scott Blume, Kimberley, Adriana Abi-Rizk, Creon, Ian Phenna, Bats!, Recluse, Obscene, Bec Todd, Twitch, Meny Miny Mo, JB Rock, Nicole Tattersall, Pterodactylman, Tom Buchanan, Carley Ternes, Charlie Brookes, Andrew Ward , Rost, Dzia, Maaden, Boo, Anatta, Taxi66, Joe Vegas, Art Star, Albert Wolski, Marygribouille, Her0, Ham, Black Hole, Todd Manio